Created in collaboration with my Spring 2022 Music Theory II students at Stephen F. Austin State University. Thank you for being such a supertonic bunch. We may not have stopped the pundemic, but at least we came up with some as-tonic-shing and dominant-ertaining jokes together! 

What is a horse's favourite kind of 6/4 chord?

  • A NEIGH-bor 6/4!
  • Arpeggi-neigh-ted 6/4 (Cassidy Burleson)
  • Carrot-dential (Brianna Escamilla)
  • None, because they say "neigh" to theory (Katelyn Bawden)

What did the jalapeno pepper ask to have played at its wedding?

  • "Taco Bell's" Canon
  • Salsa music (Michael Rodriguez, Alexis Olmos, Kathryn Barnes, Reid Wiland, Ashlynn Phelps, Shelby Rotramel, Lucas McKearin, Tiara Cooks)
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers, his cousin's band (David Henriquez)
  • Pachelbel Pepper's Canon (Israel Delgado, Alyssa Garcia)
  • Enchilouda music (Nelson Schulze)
  • The Spice Girls (Micah York)

What did the teacher say to the sentence?

  • You really get the basic idea! (Dr. Fay)
  • You’re (too) basic! (Cassidy Burleson, Michael Rodriguez, Cooper Straubmueller)
  • Stop repeating your ideas. (Tiara Cooks)
  • Period (Izzy Delgado, Brianna Escamilla, Ashlynn Phelps)
  • Do you understand the basic idea of this topic? (Micah York)
  • The bell doesn’t release the period, I do. (Caleb Kruebbe)
  • Don’t get any funny “ideas!” (Grey Billingsley)
  • Presentations are due next class. (Makenzie Paul)
  • Don’t forget the period! (Brooke Griffith)
  • Great presentation! (Americuss Hirsch)
  • Are you ready for your presentation fo continue, Mr. Cadence? (Brianna Alvarado)

Why do suspensions love New Year's Day?

  • They're used to being hung over and they excel at making resolutions.
  • Because they don't have to hold onto their past anymore. (Americuss Hirsch)
  • They love to let go of the tension they've built up in the past year. (Micah York)

What is a pickle's favourite interval?

  • The Pickle-dy third

How did the school principal punish the tonic chord?

  • By giving it a suspension. 
  • They took away his do ($). (Tiara Cooks)
  • He sent him back to PREdominant SCHOOL. (Nelson Schulze)
  • The tonic chord got in treble with the principal, so he made it jump off a clef. (Miranda Cash)
  • By taking away its BFF (Best Friend Fifth). (Brooke Griffith)
  • Sending it to the bass-ment. (Matt Purcell)

What did the leading tone say to the chordal 7th?

  • I’ll take the high road and you’ll take the low road! (Most effective if sung)
  • If we can’t be together in the end, we’ll have to go our separate ways. (Makenzie Paul)
  • Watch your step! (Natalie Riechers)
  • How am I leading if I’m in 7th place? (Caleb Kruebbe)
  • How do we resolve this situation? (Nelson Schulze)

How many pickles can a V7 eat?

  • I don't know, but the chordal 7th-8-9!
  • It depends on the "brine" signature.